Specific products
We specialize in the production and sale of phosphate series exemplified as MKP, UP, Potassium Nitrate etc
Strong production capacity
With exclusive technology, our products comply with the industry standard and are stable in quality and supply.
Sound delivery process
We have unique geographical advantages, with less than one-hour drive from Chongqing Guoyuan port.
Perfect service network
We serve our clients with sincerity and business integrity, and strive to improve our service quality.
In Guangxi, China, the application of ANSJ-MKP during the growing period of tangerine yielded fruitful results. The fruit has high yield, bright color, increased sweetness and pleasant taste. The income of fruit farmers increased than before.
Experimental demonstration
It is being updated
08 Apr 2024
Chongqing Ansheng Potassium Industry Co.,LTD participated in 14th China International Fertilizer Show.
26 Oct 2023
From October 23 to 24, 2023, the 30th China Shandong Plant Protection Information Exchange and Pesticide Machinery Fair was held in Jinan. At the exhibition, the samples of our potassium dihydrogen phosphate products were received in less than half a day, which was fully recognized by everyone. Many interested customers have established new contacts with our company.
23 Jun 2023
Our products are recognized by Korean customers.
About Us
Founded in June, 2017, our company is located in the chemical park of Changshou economic and technological development zone, Chongqing, China. We are committed to the production of phosphate series products. The main products offered include Mono potassium Phosphate, Mono-Ammonium Phosphate, Ammonium phosphate. Supported by the team of the phosphate Center in Sichuan University, China, the quality of our product reaches high quality product.
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